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´╗┐Tech companies are finally spilling some of their most sought "Anaboliset Aineet" after secrets.

No, not related to "Anabolika Definition" their R I'm referring instead to other tightly guarded information they once declared "trade secrets": data about the number of women and minorities on their payrolls.

After years of trying to deflect attention from the issue, Google blogged in May that just 17 percent of its tech employees are female and 5 percent are black or Hispanic. Since then, other peer pressured tech Goliaths rolled out similar metrics, including Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Apple, Pinterest and, just last week, Pandora and Indiegogo.

Most have fessed up to lousy records and committed to making things Comprar Levitra better. The public response has "Oxandrolone Powder India" been a bit harsher than these firms probably hoped. "Apple . claims to 'Think Different,' but their hiring reflects more of the same," scolded ValleyWag, a tech news site. Jesse Jackson demanded that the Obama administration and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigate whether the firms are denying opportunities to minorities.

Sure, there are probably things these successful companies could do to become friendlier to women and minorities and to diminish the so called "brogrammer" culture. Some Silicon Valley firms, Anadrol 300 for example, glorify long, late hours, which may not be as accommodating to women (who are more likely to be primary caregivers).

"The people who are most recognized and rewarded are often the guys who pull the all nighter to fix the bug right before it's supposed to ship or go live," Ann Mei Chang, who was the senior engineering director at Google for eight years, told me last year. "Women are more likely to have tested stuff and worked hard all along the way to make sure there wouldn't be problems at the very end, and that kind of work style is not always as rewarded."

Even if all that's true, I am still sympathetic to these companies. The challenges leading to underrepresentation of Dianabol 500 Tablets Price In India women and certain racial or ethnic minorities in tech and other STEM fields start long before the recruiting process.

It begins when kids are young and have access to scant engineering and computer science role models, especially those who are female, black or Hispanic. Schools are dropping the ball, too. Few teach any tech skills beyond how to consume, rather than create, technology. Which is understandable, to an extent; if you're a struggling public school, you're not going to invest resources in computer science when your funding depends on not leaving children behind in math and reading.

Most states don't allow computer science to satisfy math or science requirements, relegating such instruction to elective or extracurricular activities, if it's available at all. Even if more schools did allow students to take computer science in lieu of, say, a natural science course, it's not clear they'd be able to staff those teaching jobs easily. Would be educators with programming skills have lucrative outside options.

By the time students enroll in college, few intend to major in engineering or computer science, Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects with numbers especially low for women and ethnic minorities other than Asians. Some schools have found ways to attract and retain women and minorities to these fields. Harvey Mudd College sends female students to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing each year. It also recently split its mandatory, intro computer science course into parallel tracks, to avoid having "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" the really experienced students intimidate the novices. The share of female computer science majors at the school has risen from 10 percent in 2006 to nearly half last year.

A lot can be done to encourage women and minorities to enter these lucrative occupations and firms. Companies certainly have a role to play, but interventions need to start long before the resume screening process begins.

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